Liability Waiver

    Liability Waiver

    Thanks for trusting Got Dogs? with your pet care needs. We love providing your dog/s with a wonderful time romping and playing off-leash in a natural, mountain environment. Because we want to offer you the very best possible experience each time, it’s important that you read and understand the information below.

    • Unless otherwise specified, our dog walks take place off-leash on local trails. We are well-acquainted with every Tahoe/Truckee destination that we use, and we keep all animals safe and secure until we are clear of traffic or any other evident dangers/distractions.

    • We want all our clients to know that because your dogs are being set free in nature, we run the risk of encountering various types of wildlife: birds, rodents, deer, coyotes, bears, etc. These encounters are random and out of our control. That means your pets must be reliable when it comes to being under voice control in case a dangerous situation arises.

    • Because your dogs are out in nature and are off-leash, they are exposed to contaminants in the environment. Some of these contaminants can be warded off through the use of vaccines. However, my team cannot control what your dog may encounter or ingest on its own: sticks, water, feces, etc.

    • We count on accuracy of the information you provide us when it comes to your dogs being responsive to our commands for the sake of safety and efficiency.

    * * *

    Please fill in the agreement below. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with our terms which are designed to keep your pets safe and our crew on schedule.

    I understand that my dog/s

    enjoy/s off-leash trail walks with Got Dogs?. I also understand that these walks are done in nature where random, unforeseen encounters with wildlife are possible. To the best of my knowledge, I certify that my dog is responsive to voice commands and will return when called—even when coming in direct contact with a wild animal. In addition, if my dog is unresponsive to voice commands and causes an undo delay during a dog walk, I will be charged $5.00 for each additional 15 minutes. Finally, I will not hold Got Dogs? responsible for anything my dog ingests or any injury or death if occurring to my dog due to a lack of response when issued voice commands.

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    Once again, thanks for your business. Our goal is to keep your pets happy and safe!
    Dena and the Got Dogs? team