Snow Day Policy

Snow day policy

We have been encountering so many problems servicing in the storms. It is very challenging driving on back roads. The past few days we have run into problems in all neighborhoods, Tahoe Donner, Glenshire and Donner Lake. So for this reason we will only service dogs that are left home unattended for long periods of time. Also, there may be additional charges for any delays, if the driveways are not plowed, steps not shoveled, or there’s a berm in the driveway due to the street plow and we can’t park anywhere. We are not allowed to park on the street so this can be a very difficult situation. If power is out with no key or unlocked door you will still be charged. It is also very difficult to do group walks when there’s no trails to take them or trail heads to park safely. Mainly will just be focused on getting dogs out for short potty breaks and fresh air when the weather is severe. Lastly, we cannot give ETA because it’s impossible to know how long it will take us while we’re driving around in snow conditions.
I hope everyone understands. It’s important to keep myself, my helpers and our vehicles safe.
Tips are appreciated!