Property Damage Agreement

    Property Damage Agreement for In-Home Dog Care

    Thank you for trusting Dena Matera with your pet care needs. As always, your dog will receive the best in-home care possible. My goal is to ensure your precious companion is walked, loved, and fed on a regular and familiar schedule so that you come home to a happy, satisfied pet.

    The purpose of this agreement is to make certain that all bases are covered regarding your pet’s ability to comfortably stay overnight and/or alone in a new environment. Please understand that you are responsible for any property damage to the house, so any and all information will be important to include here. Please read the following list and confirm that you pet will be happy and well behaved under the following conditions:

    1. My dog is left in a crate or secluded area when left unattended in my home.

    2. My dog is well-behaved for up to (but no more than) 6 hours when left alone.

    3. My pet needs attention more than every 6 hours (even after exercise)

    4. My pet makes itself comfortable on household furniture.

    5. My pet gets into garbage/food when left unattended.

    6. My pet is able to stay in a new environment without having separation anxiety.

    7. My pet is fully housebroken and signals when it’s time to go out.

    8. My pet is respectful of household items, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.

    9. My pet has never shown any signs of aggression to other dogs, kids or strange adults.

    To ensure its safety, please note any unusual tendencies your pet has. Consider such behaviors like counter surfing or eating out of trash cans. Please note any special needs your pet will require when I am home or gone. This may include being crated or requiring less than six hours alone. Please be specific. (Extra charges may apply.)

    Thanks for your business. I look forward to having a happy and safe doggie sleepover!